The PTA is currently looking for volunteers in the following areas.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Yearbook Coordinator(s) - there can be one or more volunteers for this position.  The more people who volunteer for this position, the less there is for any one parent to do! Duties include: taking and collecting photographs of children at school events, working with Ms. Stultz (art teacher) to select a 5th grade design for the yearbook cover, creating a flyer to let parents know about yearbook orders, coordinating and communicating with yearbook company, using online software to create yearbook layout, class photo organization and approval from front office, coordinating yearbook sales/orders, distributing yearbooks to families.

Assistant Webmaster - assist our webmaster in updating our PTA website on an as-needed basis. Possibility of taking over as Head Webmaster during 2018-2019 school year. Familiarity with Squarespace is a plus, but not required (it is easy to learn!).

Variety Show Assistant Director - assist our Variety Show director with preparation for the Variety Show; assist backstage during Variety Show rehearsal and performance.  Possibility of taking over as Variety Show Director in 2018-2019 school year.  Some theater/performance background is helpful, but not required.

NAACP PTA Representative - Serve as Ritchie Park representative to the NAACP Parents Council ( Advise PTA board on issues important to the community.  Share information from the NAACP parents council with the Ritchie Park community, and serve as a community resource and advocate for Ritchie Park parents.

Latino/a Diversity & Outreach Committee - this volunteer opportunity is open to as many parents as are interested!  This committee would meet on a semi-regular basis to discuss issues of importance to the Latino/a community at Ritchie Park, provide outreach to other parents in the community to increase community involvement, and share priorities/advice to the PTA board to promote inclusivity for all parents and communities within the PTA.  Members would/could also assist with providing Spanish translation services during PTA meetings, translating PTA flyers, and newsletters.

Bylaws Committee - a committee of several people (number TBD) will need to be formed this year to update our PTA bylaws.  This committee will review the current bylaws and consult with current and past board members to determine any changes that need to be made.  Proposed bylaws will be submitted by the committee to the PTA Board, and then will be voted on by full membership.  The Bylaws committee will be responsible for consulting with the MD State PTA to ensure that our bylaws conform with State PTA guidelines. Once updates are voted on and approved by the board, the committee will be responsible for ensuring that the approved bylaws get submitted to the MD State PTA.

Volunteer Coordinator - assist event chairs in getting volunteers to assist at events.  Check in with Board members about additional volunteer needs and work to fill vacant volunteer positions.

Room Parent Coordinator - serve as a liaison between the PTA board and room parents in each class as a way of helping to disseminate information from the PTA to all parents at the school.

Flyer Designer & Distributor(s) - design flyers for PTA events and programs; make copies at the school and place copies in teacher boxes when needed.

Silent Auction Volunteers - solicit donations for our silent auction on November 3rd, enter collected donations into spreadsheet/online auction software, organize donation items, assist on silent auction night (11/3)

Fundraising Volunteers - assist the VP of Fundraising in various fundraising efforts and events (ex. direct donation drive, box top collection, silent auction, etc).

PTA Meeting Snack Donations - we are looking for volunteers willing to donate food (water, cookies, fruit/veggies, etc) for parents to eat during our monthly PTA meetings. If interested, please email to specify which month(s) you would like to bring food.  Thank you for your generous in-kind donation!

PTA Event Volunteers - assist Event Chair(s) with tasks on the day of an event.  Day-of volunteers are needed for the following events: Back to School Picnic, Pizza Bingo Night, Book Fair, Storytelling Night, Variety Show, Cultural Heritage Night, Music & Dance Night, Skate Night, Community Service Night, Arts & Sciences Night, Staff Appreciation Week.  Please specify if there is an event for which you are interested in assisting!