RM ES #5 Boundary Study - updates

Dr. Smith, the Superintendent of Schools, has released his recommendation for the new boundaries for RM ES #5 which is scheduled to open in Fall 2018.

The full report/recommendation can be found here: http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/planning/rmes.aspx

For Ritchie Park, the recommendation includes moving RP 2 (Rockville Town Square area) and RP6 (Tower Oaks area) to the new school; those designated within walking distance will be reassigned. All other zones will stay at Ritchie Park. Children who will be in 5th grade in the 2018-2019 school year will stay at Ritchie Park even if their neighborhood is zoned for the new school.

This Board of Education meets in November and takes into account the boundary committee papers, Superintendent recommendation, and parent letters/testimony before making a final decision. There is also an opportunity for parents to write letters and testify before the Board of Education.  If you would like details on how to do this, please contact the boundary study reps listed below.

The Richard Montgomery Cluster will testify to the Board of Education on Thursday Nov. 8.  Parents and students may attend the hearing and show support for Ritchie Park.  We would love to have a large turnout so that the Board of Education will do what’s best for Ritchie Park and the Richard Montgomery cluster of schools.  Look for an update next week about the specific time of our cluster testimony. 

Please contact our Ritchie Park boundary study reps, Rodney Peele at rpeele@aoa.org, Stephanie Hilwig at jhsg@comcast.net, or Michelle Chang at michelle@thehouseofchang.com with any questions, concerns, or opinions as soon as possible if you would like your views to be taken into account during the cluster testimony.

More information about the boundary study and the Superintendent's recommendations will also be given at our next PTA meeting on 11/7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Media Center. If you have questions, concerns, or opinions about the Superintendent's proposal, please bring them to our meeting