Mr. Thomas Gray- 2nd Grade Teacher

Favorite vacation destination/hobby:
I like to play golf at nice golf courses. My brother and I might go to Bandon Dunes Golf course in Oregon.

"What is the thing you like most about your work?"

I like seeing kids applying the concepts they learn in authentic activities.

"How have schools changed in the last decade?"

We now make sure every child knows every concept. In the past we allowed some to sneak by.

"How has working with children enhanced your skills in other areas of life?"

I learned how to whisper when I want to say something important. I also whisper when I want my friend Brian to stop talking on the golf course.

"What is the funniest thing a student has said to you?"

I was walking with my class to have our individual pictures taken and a boy in my class said he didn’t bring in his money for his picture to be taken. I said don’t worry, you can have your picture taken on the make up day. He panicked and said, “But Mr. Gray, I don’t like wearing make up!”

"What was the hardest school skill to learn?"

When I was in first grade I didn’t understand long vowels. The whole “walking and talking”thing didn’t make sense to me.

"What is the biggest misconception about schools/school staff?"

That schools in low income areas have teachers that are not as good as teachers in high income areas. I have learned a lot of wonderful strategies from teachers in schools in all parts of the county.

"Why do you love Ritchie Park?"

I love Ritchie Park because our principal knows how to motivate our staff and because the staff is so receptive to new ideas.

Favorite Movie:

The Wizard of Oz. The witch scared the dickens out of me and they say you always like what you fear.

Favorite Musician:

Clarence Clemons. Before he passed away, he was the saxophonist for the Bruce Springsteen Band

Favorite Quote:

Effective effort leads to achievement