Ms. Alessandra E. Tsakos - 1st Grade teacher

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned from teaching?

Teaching keeps me feeling young and happy. So there are personal benefits as well as benefits for future generations.   

How has teaching enhanced your skills in other areas of life?

It has made me a more patient and thoughtful person.  When I look at another person, I see the child still inside and it helps me to connect better with the whole person. 

What is the funniest thing a student has said to you?

I had a struggling reader many years ago, who, one day during reading group, looked at me in surprise and exclaimed, “Mrs. Tsakos!  I don’t need you anymore!”  It was the day she started to make all of the miraculous connections it takes to be a reader.  It was also a poignant moment when I am reminded again that, as much as we want to keep our children always close to us – our actual job as parents and educators – is to help our children soar on their own, without us.

Why do you love Ritchie Park?

I love the dedication at Ritchie Park – among staff, students, and parents.  It is a place where I feel inspired to be my best and do my best.

Favorite Movie: 

On Golden Pond

Favorite Musician: 

Beethoven(Fifth Symphony)

Favorite Quote:   

My favorite quote is a poem: 

Be like the bird who, 

Stopping in flight,  

On limb too slight –

Feels it give way beneath him. 

Yet sings…

Knowing he hath wings”