Ms. Maureen Stultz - Art Teacher

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned from teaching?

I’ve been at Ritchie Park for a long time - I’m currently teaching kids of kids! 

I’m always honored and surprised when I have high school, college-aged students and some parents, come back to visit and tell me that they still have their artwork from art classes at Ritchie Park.  They’ve often kept their collection of yearly portfolios or mention that their parents still have an art wall at home displaying their Ritchie Park pieces.  I’m honored to know that Art made a positive impact on their lives.

How has teaching enhanced your skills in other areas of life?

Teaching has enhanced other areas of my life by developing my organizational skills, patience, caring, and an enhanced sense of humor!

What is the funniest thing a student has said to you?

There are so many funny stories, kids are great!  One that comes to mind, is that we were doing realistic observational drawings of animals.  A student was talking to his friends at his table, and they were shaking their heads no…he was shaking his head yes.  He approached me and said, “Mrs. Stultz, can I draw a turtle?”  I said, “Of course, that’s a great choice!”  He went back to his table BEAMING and said to his friends, “I told you so, she said yes!”  My curiosity got the best of me, so I went over to see his turtle.  It was a turtle alright, a Ninja Turtle! 

Why do you love Ritchie Park?

I love Ritchie Park because I work with a very dedicated staff and amazingly creative, inspiring and artistic children and their families. 

Favorite Movie:  

One of my favorite movies is Signs.

Favorite Musician: 

I’m not sure that I can pick a favorite musician.  I love all genres of music from classical, to jazz, to r & b, to rock, to hip hop, to bluegrass, to folk, to big band!  I did grow up being a major Beatles fan for sure!