NEW DATE & LOCATION: Friday, June 1st at Cabin John Middle School




  • Femi Richards
  • Sandy Fine
  • Astor Heaven
  • Shrimant Mishra
  • Ellen Weiss
  • Hannah Pak
  • Steve Roberts
  • Amy Trost
  • Brian Wayman
  • Bryan Blanken
  • James Jarman
  • Neal Rosenthal
  • Eric Felsenfeld
  • Matthew Rosenblatt
  • Sheila Caldwell
  • Catherine Nichols
  • Dailou Walker



(Teams TBD)

Referees: Keith Levin and Rob Duffy

Halftime show by the RPES POM Squad!

National Anthem by Ritchie Park Chorus!

DJ by Glitter Galas!


Order your tickets online now!

Tickets sold at the door will be $10/adult, $5/child.

There are no refunds for ticket purchases.  Free/reduced admission is available to families with financial need. Please email, Mrs. Capoccia, School Counselor, at or call 301-279-8475.



  • James Nelson
  • Zegarra, Claudia
  • Tom Gray
  •  Sarah Porter
  • Shira Hill
  • Jiji Olds
  • Dani Hendrick
  • Liam Stultz (RPES alum)